This collection is a reflection of my fascination with patterns and repetition that  I observe in my everyday surroundings.  These can be found in urban settings such as the tile of the bathroom or natural environments such as flowers or barnacles .   At times, these patterns can be chaotic and produce sensory overload.  Other times, they can create a sense of comfort and satisfaction.  In my jewellery, I strive to find harmony between these two contradictions to create pieces that have balance and show beauty within chaos.  This tension is also reflected in the process of making; I compose patterns in a spontaneous and gestural way but as I define the shapes, the finish piece becomes controlled in its composition.

Halifax, NS

 ©  2016  Violeta Izquierdo Jewellery Design

Al lado de Colegio Brooch

Brass, Copper, Powder Coated, Resin, Steel 3.3 x 7.6 x 2.9 cm